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Jahman Brahman is a five-member collaboration originating from Columbus, Ohio in 2007. They currently reside in the mountains of Asheville, NC. The name Jahman Brahman emerged from the band’s goal to achieve ultimate musical cohesion: each instrument a facet of a single greater goal to deliver music from the heart of one. The band strives to leave the listener with thoughts of love, life, and the wonders experienced while being part of an extraordinary musical family.

Shred ‘N’ Flow is how Jahman Brahman describes their unique style, meaning dynamic sound with a wide breadth of influence, but a focus on rich and fluid progressions of energy. Each member’s musical intuition and influences are unique. From Classic Rock to Electronica to Punk to Jazz, elements from many genres are found in the band’s music. As a result the band pioneers new sounds as the coalescence of their diverse styles unfolds into powerful jams and creative compositions.

Providing the low end, Nate “Brother” Brown brings his own style of funked-out and super-fresh bass grooves. Layered on top are Daniel Combs’ transcendent key strokes and myriad of effects, which highlight Justin Brown’s full and conscious lyrics. Drummer, Chuck Knott, provides a steady concrete pulse, the heartbeat for Casey Chanatry’s riveting guitar-work.

The band’s newly released album, Choose Your Channel, is one with a little something for everyone and shows both the collective Jahman Brahman spirit as well as a taste of each person’s individual personality. From the very onset of Choose your Channel, you can feel the fresh focus, driving passion, and deeper sense of purpose Jahman Brahman is bringing forward with this effort. Featuring strong cohesive builds, rich environmental textures, and stand -out atmospheric guitar work, listeners experience an audio journey that seamlessly blends tasteful exploratory jam with quality songwriting. For ten years, Jahman Brahman has built a cult following due to their ability to consistently deliver stellar performances packed with energy, cohesion, and an intangible charm. Jahman Brahman is a band that has proven itself time and time again on & off the stage. Yet, Choose Your Channel reveals the true level of talent and sophistication this band can also deliver in a strong studio production.

's cover photo Join us July 27th at AMH w/ special guests TUB! Free show!
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What's up guys? I ran into you guys during a show at Roo, we had a conversation about Ekoostik Hookah! How's your post Bonnaroo going!? Just wanted to touch base and let you know it was nice talking to some ...
Timeline Photos Night one in the books after a day full of curveballs and hard work...when life gives you lemons, make rock’n’roll! 🔥 we’ll be back at Plaza 3 Saturday late night and Sunday around 11pm 🙏 @bonnaroo @shrednflow
Yes yes y’all! Gettin’ things ready for the rock show tonight at Bonnaroo!!! See ya at Plaza 3 tonight from 11pm-2am ish ;)
Jahman Brahman is at Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.
It’s been incredible seeing the Essential Productions boys grow this thing since the first years of Resonance and Paradise! Pumped to be back on board this year! What a lineup 😲 🔥
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's cover photo Jahman Brahman updated their cover photo.
Jahman Brahman - The Harder They Come Harder they Come From Maydaze
5/5/18 May Daze Hannons Camp America College Corner, OH
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Dust off your tents and prepare your minds kids...May Daze Music Festival 2018 (official PAGE) is back and better than ever!!! We join Glostik Willy, ekoostik Willy, McStarkatz, Electric Orange Peel, Conscious Pilot, Subterranean and many more for a weekend ...

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